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**Flu Shots are in: Clairhurst patients (6 months – 17  years) can “Contact Us” for an appointment at one of our flu shot clinics.  Flu boosters (for those who need to come back for a 2nd shot), please contact us when the patient is due for the booster, we cannot book a month ahead due to the supply chain.


**Back to school/daycare notes: if your child needs to be cleared for Covid-19 we cannot provide a note as we are unable to test for Covid-19 in our office.  Check Toronto Public Health website for testing centres, many of them have no age restrictions.


Grade 7 Vaccines – We will be doing these in the spring, we cannot respond to the abundance of messages coming in daily.  Please watch the home page of our website in the New Year for updates.


We are located on the second floor of the Clairhurst Medical building, at the South-West corner of Bathurst St. and St. Clair Ave. W., within easy reach of the TTC.

Clairhurst Medical Centre
1466 Bathurst St, Suite 201
Toronto ON M5R 3S3

Phone (416) 531-3331  Fax (416) 531-1639

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(Monday to Friday) Admin: 9:30am-4pm Physicians: 9am-5pm

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